Many coaches and players worry only about how the stroke looks or how much spin is put on the ball. Your coach may have given you great stroke structure, but unless you get your feet in the right position to hit the ball, your great stroke structure will be of little use. Remember that tennis is a running game where good footwork is essential.

  • You can’t have good footwork without closely watching the flight of the ball
  • Always have it in mind that you are playing the ball, not the opponent
  • To be able to react quickly, keep on your toes with slightly bent knees
  • Forehands can be hit from an open, semi-open or closed stance, whereas backhands should be hit from a closed stance
  • Make normal running steps in the back-court for wide balls, then side-step back to your ready position
  • A ball that bounces just inside the base line is best hit on the rise rather than trying to play it off the back fence
  • A player with quick feet has time for an unhurried swing and will be on balance whilst hitting the ball