Returning the serve

The return of service is almost as important as a good serve. Unless it’s a weak serve don’t try to make an outright winner. Put pressure on the server with a percentage return.

  • Whilst waiting to receive, hold the racket in both hands out in front of you
  • Watch carefully the toss as it leaves the servers hand. A toss for example over the servers head is likely to result in a top spin, kicking serve
  • At the beginning of a game, concentrate on getting percentage returns back. Points can often be won by an error by the server
  • Move into the ball when returning as this gets more weight behind the ball
  • Don’t panic when receiving a big serve. Shorten your back swing and complete with a controlled follow through
  • Against a base-liner, return the ball deep and controlled
  • Against a serve-and-volleyer, hit low topspin dipping returns to the feet of the in coming server