The grip

For sound simple hitting you need forehand and backhand grips which will provide you with the best chance of maintaining good racket control at impact. If you are a beginner/improver, I recommend the following two grips:

The ‘Eastern’ forehand grip – or ‘shake hands’ grip

  • With this grip, notice how the palm of the hand is placed on the side of the racket handle. This provides maximum strength to hit ball at varying heights
  • However, more advanced players tend to adopt the more aggressive ‘Semi-Western’ grip where the palm of the hand is placed underneath the handle

The ‘Eastern’ backhand grip.

  • Notice here how the palm of the hand has rotated 90º from that of the forehand grip and is now on the top of the handle. Some players prefer to wrap the thumb around the handle whilst others place it diagonally across the back of the handle
  • This is a strong grip that will provide you with an attacking backhand shot