The Service

The serve is probably the most important shot in the modern game, yet the least practiced. However of all the shots in tennis, the serve is the only one you can practice on your own.

  • Develop the physical habit of relaxing your body prior to serving.
  • Be very deliberate when serving, go through the same routine each time before you serve.
  • Decide on your target area before commencing the serve
  • Serve to your opponent’s weakness and attempt to make him/her return to your strength
  • Commence your serve with the ball touching the racket, out in front of you
  • Before tossing the ball, keep your eyes on the service box as long as possible, visualising the serve. Then allow your eyes to go up with the toss of the ball
  • Accurate and consistent are the two words you need to associate with your toss. To aid this, ensure that your tossing arm is fully extended when releasing the ball
  • Don’t chase a bad toss, catch it and start again
  • Concentrate on a smooth accelerating racket head when hitting the ball
  • To increase racket head velocity, at impact with the ball snap the wrist
  • Follow through across your body
  • Never allow your opponent to get grooved into a return. Vary the placement, spin and pace
  • Remember that your serve is only as good as your second serve