Club Tournament Rules

  1. All matches will be the best of 3 tiebreak sets except the ladies singles:
    • The ladies singles will have a default match length of 1 tiebreak set. If before starting both players agree to play 2 tiebreak sets, with a deciding normal tiebreak to determine the winner if the sets are tied or best of 3 sets then this is perfectly acceptable but not in any way obligatory and will not confer any advantage regarding progressing through the group
    • The ladies singles tournament is a round robin format and there will be a semi-final with the winner of Group A playing the runner-up of Group B and the winner of Group B playing the runner-up of Group A
  2. Players are responsible for booking courts and providing balls for all matches except the final. Please do not wait for somebody else to arrange the matches. Everyone has equal responsibility. Players who fail to show for an agreed match date without notifying their opponent forfeit the match. If you do not know your opposition please ask the team captains or Tournament Secretary for help. A basic court booking system is in place on the wall in the club house to book court 1 or 6 on a Monday evening, Thursday evening or Sunday morning. Saturday and Sunday afternoons after matches/ social play are the best times to arrange matches.
  3. Please do not wait for the cut off date of each round to play. Matches should have been played well before these dates to allow the plate competition to be drawn and organised
  4. Plenty of time has been allowed between rounds to allow for holidays, injuries etc so any matches that have not been played by these dates run the risk of being declared null and void
  5. Good times to arrange tournament matches are late afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday after shield matches and club play have finished and Sunday mornings. Matches may be arranged on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at the discretion of the respective captains but please ask first
  6. There will be a plate tournament for the unlucky losers in all events except the ladies singles. Any competitor(s) who lose their first match will be included in the draw for the respective plate competition. If you are unable, unavailable or would prefer not to be included in the plate tournament, please let the Tournament Secretary know as soon as you can
  7. The finals will be played on Saturday 9th September 2017
    • Sunday 10th September 2017 will only be used in case of bad weather or if not possible to complete all matches on Saturday 9th September 2017
    • Please ensure you are available to play on these dates
  8. Any problems or queries, contact the Tournament Secretary