US Open Fantasy Tennis League

Just for fun, we’ve set up a Mini-League in the “Tennis For Free Dream-Team” prediction competition for the US Open, starting on August the 27th.

Tennis For Free is a charity, aimed at promoting tennis at the grass-roots level throughout the UK. Entering their Dream Team game is absolutely free, though you are invited to make a small donation, if you wish.

If you do particularly well, then Tennis For Free are putting up prizes for the overall best teams and for the Mini-Leagues with the highest average score, but we are just running the HWLTC Mini League as a fun game to see who can predict which tennis players will perform the best in New York.

It is very simple to join. Just go to and do the following :

- Click on “Register” and enter a user name (you can make this up, but do make it so that other people can identify who you are), your real name, a password and your e-mail address. Select your age category and click “Register”.

- You can now set up your “Dream-Team”. Enter a team name and click “Save team name”. Then select ten players from the men’s draw and ten from the ladies draw, up to your maximum virtual budget of £50m for each. Just click on the player icon to move the player into “Your tennis team” on the right.

- When done, click on “My Group”. In the “Group entry password”, copy the HWLTC Mini League password: b0caa24bc9f7e1432c7e5ef01c6b1310.

You are now in the HWLTC Mini League. You can change your team at any time up to the start of the tournament at 4pm BST on August the 27th.

You can then watch how your team performs against the others in the HWLTC Mini League. You can see how points are allocated by clicking on the “Scoring” link on the website.

No prizes for our Mini-League, but should be fun.

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